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Whole-Chain Traceability

Traceability becomes much easier when all the components are centralized into one program rather than scattered through various systems.  A whole-chain solution provides data from field preparation all the way to the consumer.  The benefit of such a program is reduced cost, improved efficiencies and better, faster retrieval of data.  Covering all aspects provides you all tracking data in seconds, rather than hours, days or months.  Recalls are not something anyone looks forward to, but being able to react quickly and gracefully can be the difference in tens of thousands of dollars, if not more!

Real-Time Solutions

HarvesterGear solutions are built on the latest web based technologies allowing us to utilize the latest equipment such as smart-phones, mobile computers, as well as personal computers.  When data is saved it is instantly accessible across your entire operation whether it is in one location or spread out across the globe.  Being flexible by nature, web based solutions can be deployed faster and cheaper than traditional client-server solutions.  With data centralized in state of the art data centers your information is secure and always backed up and available to all parties with security access.

Association/Marketer Solutions

HarvesterGear offers the only integrated grower/marketer solution available today, that ties in all growers data into one application that helps marketers make faster and smarter decisions.  From the moment of harvest, time is critical in our industry therefore getting the data from all your growers instantly will help reduce lost revenue and streamline the entire process down to unit level traceability.   Our system will provide you with specific grower data that assure social responsibility, GAP compliance and food safety regulations are met.  Our transactional model makes HarvesterGear affordable for all growers so it can be rolled out to everyone in your grower network.

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