HarvesterGear's real-time grower/marketer software solution gives your operation the power to view commodity driven details of what each grower in your network is harvesting at any given minute of the day. Best of all you’ll be able to standardize your growers operations with one system that promotes good agricultural practices, social responsibility, supply chain efficiencies and much, much more.  

This added visibility allows you to see exactly what each grower is bringing in, from QC standards, varieties, location of harvest and even the water usage, pesticides and fertilizers that were used up to the time of harvest. Not only does this single-source platform improve efficiency, it builds retail and consumer confidence in your operation and makes recalls and audits easier than ever to deal with. From a traceability standpoint you can track produce to the container in a real-time environment.  

If you are looking for a GTIN solution then we've got you covered on that as well.  Our GTIN system is flexible and affordable for growers and meets all the PTI Milestones as set by the PMA and United Fresh.  We can help with all aspects of getting your growers and facilities up and running.  Our GTIN solutions work for in field packing as well as integrating into your packing line process.  We even have manual and automated system depending on your operations size and needs.  If you would like more information on our ready-to-ship GTIN system, contact:

Daniel Price






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