Managing migrant or seasonal labor forces can be a challenging endeavor for any operation.  With endless regulations by government agencies it has become dificult or nearly impossible for most operations to deal with...  In steps Harvester Gear!  

We make managing your workforce easy with our streamlined approach and full suite of tools and features specially designed for agricultural use.  At the start of this process is a intuitive registration system that agregates all the worker data into a central location and reduces registration time to as little as 2 minutes per worker.  Next it creates all the required documents and stores a digital copy for you records.  All documents are electronically signed and any post registration processes have been streamlined or electronically filled when possible.  When workers return the following season, the activation process is a breeze and registration can be completed even quicker!

Upon registration the worker is ready to hit the field, packing line or any other job that is assigned to the worker.  Our system tracks all time and attendance through various locations around the farm and only allows workers to work jobs that have been assigned by an admin or supervisor. Our systems help to bring real-time visibility to what is going on around the farm and alert you to potential issue when they arise.  During the harvesting process, all records are recorded using mobile devices and synced back to the system where reports, alerts and all data is fed directly into the payroll system.  We can handle piecework by unit or by weight depending on your needs.  All workers receive receipts for all jobs and harvesting so there is never a problem with workers having to question the payroll any longer.  

Harvester Employee Management Solution - Harvester Gear, Inc.