Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI),


The food safety requirements have never been more demanding on growers and shipper than they are today.  We understand that every regulatory change in the industry ultimately means a higher cost of business to growers, packers and shippers.  Because of this we have developed turnkey PTI solutions that are not only easy to deploy but are always compliant with the industry regulations.  Our experience in the agriculture market is unique in that we only develop software for the produce industry and therefore understand the challenges that you face on a day-to-day basis.  

One misconception of PTI that we see quite often with growers is that all they need is a lot code stamped on the boxes or cases.  The PTI guidelines as set by the Produce Marketers Association (PMA) and United Fresh have been adopted by many of the major retailers and require a case label and pallet label with many fields of data in order to meet the GTIN Case Label requirements.

Produce Case Label Requirements

To be compliant with the major retailers you will need a label placed on the side of each and every case of produce that you ship.  The label is typically a 2x4" label with the product GTIN number, grower lot code, pack date or sell by date, voice pick code, country of origin, product description and packaging type.  We also find that many growers and shippers will also add additional fields of data that may be of help to them in doing even further trace backs should the need arise.

PTI Pallet Tag

The pallet tag is a pallet summary label of what cases, either GTINs or lot codes that are associated with the make up of that pallet.  All the retailer has to do to receive that pallet is scan the pallet tag and it will immediately pull that inventory into their warehouse management systems (WMS).  This helps the retailer in tracking where that produce goes and what individual stores receive your produce should a recall occur.  The pallet tag also contains an SSCC code which helps to uniquely identify that pallet from any other.  This is not only useful for shipping but internally for your operation as well.

Want More Information?

If you are ready to get started or wish to find out more about the GTIN Case Labeling for PTI, then we would be more than happy to help. We have solutions for field packing, packing houses, marketers and associations.  We work with you to find the best solutions on a case-by-case method so each operation or location is optimized to be easy to use and easy on your pocket!

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Basic PTI case label system

Walmart PTI Case Study