Prior to HarvesterGear, the 3 founders had a combined 35 years in supply chain logistics technology. The concepts of monitoring freight and packages were quite similar to those recommended by the Produce Traceability Initiative. Therefore, some of the key components in our software had been previously tested and refined before we started tracking produce. HarvesterGear is 100% exclusive to the produce industry and has developed a complete suite of tools to help growers, packers, shippers, associations and marketers all become compliant with turn-key PTI solutions.

HarvesterGear’s caseTracker software was designed based on the exact guidelines set by the Produce Traceability Initiative. The 2012 milestones ask simply for each packer to add a standardized label to each flat and keep a record of it. Each label needs to be barcoded with the brand owner’s GTIN number as well as a lot number. It also needs to have an industry standard voice pick algorithm encoded on the label. The PTI additionally asks that each pallet have a label to summarize the flats on each pallet.

CaseTracker software is PC based, can run on any computer, and does not require an internet connection. A popular choice is to operate it on a touch-screen kiosk. This aids in speed and efficiency for employees with less computer experience. The traceability system is easy to navigate, all the operator does is select the packaging type and enter a lot number to start the process. Up to nine packing lines can run simultaneously on one system, and the pallet labels easily print once a lot is complete. Once a pallet is “completed” we realize that changes can still occur. With the convenient re-pack feature it is easy to generate new box and/or pallet labels to make last minute changes.

The traceability software is designed to work with manual, hand-applied labels, that can either be printed onto a roll to be either taken out into the field, or shipped to an off-site facility. It can also print an unlimited batch that prints one at a time and is triggered to continue printing each time a label is removed. The automatic systems are set up to either spray labels, or automatically print and apply. With either configuration you don’t have to touch the computer until there is a change in your lot number. There are currently over 4,400 printer drivers built in to the caseTracker software. HarvesterGear has recommended hardware that has already been tested and implemented, but can adapt to your existing hardware as well.

HarvesterGear guarantees the caseTracker software to be 100% compliant with the Produce Traceability Initiative’s guidelines.  Contact us today for help with your GTIN and PTI needs.

GTIN Produce Tracking Barcoding System